Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Weekend in Pictures

Catoctin Colorfest on Oct. 10th.  Nanny, Cami, and Mommy

Saw these at Target and couldn't resist!

Cameran loves Violet.

"Oh, I love my squishy, purple puppy."

Daddy and Cameran storytime

Pappy makes me smile.

A lot!

Hi, Blog friends.

What? You think I'm cute?  Why, thank you.

Here's my model pose, just for you.

What?  Daddy likes the Packers.  I can't help it.

Come on, Packers, don't lose!
There you have it. A weekend in pictures, plus a few forgotten ones along the way.

Life is good.  Now it's time to soak up the remaining few hours of the weekend.

Good Night.

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