Sunday, October 31, 2010

31 for 21: Halloween

Welcome to Cameran's 2nd Halloween.  Last year we went all out and dressed as a peapod AND a kangaroo.  This year we went for simplicity....Pumpkin Cheerleader...

 We started off the evening at our good friends' house.  Their kiddos are Phineas and the two black kitty cats in the back.  Next to P is a very adorable spider, who just happens to belong to another friend who happened to capture these photos!
 And who can forget the two identical, itty bitty twins flanking the outside of the picture?!  Too cute.
 Getting everyone to cooperate at the same time was hellacious wasn't happening.
 But if you scroll realfast it almost looks like they are all looking at the same time.
 Miss Cami actually did quite well considering all the photos I took of her... 
 ...Although here she is not looking to thrilled...
Daddy and Cameran were big hits at each of the houses!!

What would be a post without iPhone pictures? 
Here they are, from my vantage point, beginning to end...

Phineas and P love Perry the Platypus.

I am pretty sure this was P telling Phineas not to lose Perry.

Please can we go trick-or-treating now???

Nope. First we have to trudge across J and M's back yard and a field to get to the perfect picture-taking destination...

At least Daddy kept P entertained.

Candy. Candy. Candy.

I did well!

 And finally, the aftermath...
Rhino the guinea pig is making his approach...

"Hey, I'm not so sure about this..."

"Okay, the guinea pig is kinda cool."

"I think I like him."

And just because I love this dress....Here is a picture from today, which is actually Halloween....

It is hard to believe that October has come to a close.  Looking forward to good things in November and beyond.  Cameran is rockin and a rollin (on all fours anyway) and scooching (is this even a real word???) backward.  She actually has this other crazy mode of transporting herself involving contortionist Indian-styled bouncing.  Imagine Tigger, but sans tail, and that would be Cameran.


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  1. So cute! I think all the pictures are great. So glad peanut had a good time.


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