Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Time of Day the hour and a half after dinner that we spend together as a family.

I love watching Cameran and all of her new communicative expressions, like eyebrow raising and frowning. I love how she sits Indian-style and tries to bounce up and down. And let's not forget about how she tracks Jasmine like a hawk. Anytime Jazzy walks nearby, Cameran is trying to reach out and grab pet her.

But best of all is the love I have for Ryan when I catch glimpses of him smiling at our daughter, reading his mind, knowing the type of awe we hold for each and every nuance of her being. I can't describe this smile, and probably will never capture it in its purest form on camera, other than to describe it as one of pride mixed with euphoria. Nothing lights up Ryan as much as watching and interacting with Cami, and I love that about him.

He reads to her with a mix of tenderness and silliness and dry-added humor only those who know Ryan can understand. Tonight six books were read aloud, followed by some bouncy-walker time. Bed time routine follows, and then it becomes couple time if Ryan hasnt already passed out on some non-bed surface.

Good night.

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