Friday, October 1, 2010

Down syndrome Awareness Month

I am sitting at a quaint cafe table waiting for our dinners, enjoying the crisp fall air and ever present breezes that accompany the ushering in of autumn. Fall is (besides summer for obvious teacher-ish reasons) my favorite season without a doubt.

Reasons for loving fall...
1. Semi manual labor without feeling like having just left an Indonesian sweat shop.
2. Apples and cider
3. Local fall festivals
4. Driving through the mountains, enjoying the motley assortment of colored leaves while awaiting the destination.
5. Halloween
6. Thanksgiving
7. Fall decorations
8. My dad, the hunter. Who willingly chops down corn stalks for my friends and me so we avoid paying $5 a bundle at the local nurseries.
9. Earth tones-I wear 'em year round anyway, at least in Fall I blend in.
10. Passing out candy to Trick or Treat-ers
11. Finding Peanut an awesome costume.
12. Celebrating Ryan's birthday
13. Planning holidays
14. And now, continuing to be a voice for Cameran and the special needs community...October is also Down syndrome Awareness Month (and you thought it was just breast cancer month!)
15. Annual Buddy Walks

I have more reasons than ever to love Fall. How about you?

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