Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Been a Long Time

Let's just say that the rest of post-Illinois summer was anything but relaxing.  In the month that I have failed to blog we:
-wrapped up our 2 1/2 week stay with Ryan's family,
-sold our house in less than two weeks (while we were in Illinois)--which led to many document scans and emails to get the ball rolling,
-looked at many houses in search of the one,
-found the one and went through a rollercoaster or ups and downs to get it,
-survived Hurricane Irene, but not without a good basement flooding,
-started back to work,
-packed our hospital bag for Baby G #2 who is set to arrive no later than 9/9/11
-are packing our house
-have two different settlement dates-tentatively-that will allow us to take things to our new home in smaller loads


I think I can. I think I can.

The only part of this that was "planned" well is the recovering from childbirth part that will allow me to get out of heavy lifting.  I shall be the task master.  And proud of it.

Here's to hoping Cameran adjusts well to her new role as big sister.

38 weeks; August 26th
                                                   Random Cuteness

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