Thursday, October 21, 2010

19 months

I can hardly believe my baby is 19 months already!

Happy birthday, Peanut. We are constantly in awe of you.

Congratulations, too, on your daycare boyfriend. Let the record show that today when I picked up Cami she received her first kiss-on the mouthish area-by her little bf, who reached up to say "Bye". I leaned down and bam, he planted one. Then his identical twin toddled over and, not wanting to miss the action, planted his own kiss on Cami. (It appears twin 2's technique is better ;). Apparently the one twin stood by her walker today and repeatedly tried to vie for her attention. "Cammin. Cammin. Cammin, Baby. Cammin, Baby..." is apparently his pet name for Peanut. Too cute.

At least I know she won't be alone in a corner when she scoots herself away from everyone.

Starting young Cami. Daddy is gonna have to install extra locks to keep you in and boys out when you get older!

Too cute.

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