Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkins and Ghosts and Singing, Oh My!

Today we went to our second Play Pals meeting. Last month we met at the park to play, sing, and eat and we met some nice families who also happen to have a child enhanced with a little something extra. I won't lie, afterward my husband and I were discussing the younger children regarding what they were (already) doing versus Cami. Big no-no. Ryan and I don't discuss much regarding the "can't do yets" of Peanut.

We have grown accustomed to celebrating inchstones instead of milestones. Cameran forces us to be grateful for every accomplishment, no matter how small or taken for granted in a typical child. We know names of moves that come naturally to other babies. For instance, if you are a mom if typical children then you probably never worried or heard of terms like "crossing midline" and "crouching in a 4-point stance".

We know 'em and we celebrate the pants off of them.
Me- "Honey--guess what Cameran did today?"
Hubby (lovingly sarcastic soul that he is)-"I don't know, did a backflip?"
Me- "No!! She got in the 4-point stance by herself AND rocked back and forth!"
Hubby-"that's awesome, way to go NutterButter!"

One day, whether sooner or later. We will have the same conversation, but this time we will celebrate crawling, and in time, walking too.

Cameran has given me patience, which I sorely lacked before. If I didn't have Cami I know I would be a slave to the Week-by-Week developmental manuals, driving myself crazy if my child did not "hold rattle and shake with purpose" at 14.5 weeks.

To get back to playgroup today, Cami and I went (albeit 10 minutes late) and walked into a loving, inclusive environment where there was, once again, a rainbow of other little Cami's. Cami sat and smiled. She watched two adorable blondies playing kitchen on the floor (they included her too)!!! She fingerpainted pumpkins and laughed while we sat in a circle singing songs. There was love and acceptance in the room, and although I didn't know anyone (yet) besides Cameran's SpecialInstructor, I felt comfortable and was glad we came.

Happy Ds Awareness Month, Cameran. We love each and every one of your chromosomes.

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  1. I just linked over from Jessica's (Four Plus an Angel) blog. My daughter is 22 months and has cerebral palsy. I know just what you mean about knowing things parents of "normal" developing kids don't know! Julia cannot sit unassisted, and when I'd prop her up and she wanted down, she'd just fling herself down. Lately I have noticed her putting her arm down to prop herself up. Score! This is something I never even noticed her sister (surviving triplet) doing when she learned how to sit and get down. Way to go Cami!


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