Wednesday, October 6, 2010

31 for 21: Day 6

Although I miss not having my husband's family in the same state, it is refreshing to hear him talking to them on the phone.  There are frequent queries as to Cameran, her health, and her development.  She is out of sight, but most definitely NOT out of mind.

My favorite part of these family phone calls is hearing the husband respond to the questions.  They are upbeat, and positive.  They always reflect what she CAN do, and not what she CAN'T do (yet). (Just like old coaches have instilled, "can't" is a word that should be eliminated.) 

 Part of tonight's big brother phone call was telling about how Cami is doing.  His response was heartwarming and upbeat.  "She's doing well.  Better than before.  Her little personality is starting to peek out, and she smiles all the time.  She gets up on all fours, now it's just a matter of time before everything falls into place."

That's the thing about having a loved one with Down syndrome.  Once the initial shock wears off (and I am referring to those first initial moments when the diagnosis is bombshelled), there is nothing but love and acceptance.  Down syndrome teaches has taught me to live in the moment, and not to dwell in the past nor to look ahead too far into the future.  We have goals and hopes and dreams for Peanut.  We still have worries as well.  However, if we were constantly wondering about future IEP meetings, whether or not she will be bullied or accepted in middle school, if she will drive, will she live on her own, etc., etc...., well, quite frankly I think we might go looney.  Plus, ultimately, every parent's goals are similar: To raise children who are happy and healthy.  That goal remains a constant with or without an extra chromosome.

On another note, here are a few pictures from the past week.  Some are from our local DS Playgroup.

First Mum Mum tasting (by choice) with NO puking!

Playpals pumpkin painting!  Baby hand prints with white paint.  Eyes courtesy of helpers.  Voila! Ghosts :)

My little ladybug.

I am thinking that Jasmine thought Cameran's head would rub her belly.  Instead, Cameran just sat and sat and sat until Jazzy got bored and left.

Good night all.

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