Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yay for...

...taxes being done!  Serious refundage is on its way (by the end of the month, of course)!!!
But on a more serious note, my madre finds out this Friday (if all goes well) whether or not the woman who has been undergoing testing (a high school friend) will be a kidney match for her!  All has gone well so far in the potential donor's own health screenings, and the blood typing is a match.  Now comes the fun part of which I imagine occurs in a petri dish where the blood of my mom (which she has to give monthly to keep fresh for instances such as this) will be meshed with the blood of the potential donor. 
Praying that this is the match we have been praying for.  Up to this point everything has occured rapidly.  The potential donor came forward around Christmas time stating that she would like to donate.  After Christmas and holding a family meeting, her family was totally on board with her selfless decision, and the month of January has been a whirlwind!
So, if you have a second, pray for my mama and that this match has the potential to be a success!

(I'll save requests for prayers that morning sickness goes away ASAP for another post ;) , and thank you to all who have sent us well-wishes for our unexpected future addition...More to come on Baby #2 soon...

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