Monday, February 14, 2011


One thing I love the most about my husband is his spontaneity.  I know that not a days passes where I can expect what witty banter or sarcasm will come flying from his mouth.  I also love the fact that he can dupe me quite easily which makes holidays, Hallmark and legit alike, more surprising on my end. 

This Valentine's Day is no exception.  Our building administrative assistant came into the copy room with a large rectangular box.  I figured it was for the machine or something, but I was wrong; it was a box for me! 

Not to be disappointed, I looked inside and found...

These are the most scrumptious chocolate covered strawberries I have ever tasted. 

A few years ago we decided that eating out on Valentine's Day was too much of a hassle, and we decided to start the tradition of ordering in.  Some years it is Red Lobster, sometimes a steakhouse, and this year it was Olive Garden's turn.  I only wish I could have eaten more than my salad and a few bites of calamari before getting full.  At least it will make for an awesome lunch tomorrow.  Seafood Portifino is amazing. 

I love you Ryan :)

PS Say a little prayer for Cami.  She still can't shake this nasty cough and on and off fever.  She is uncontrollably fussy and is pulling at her ears despite just recently finishing a 10 day antibiotic.  Hopefully it is just that other molar popping through, but little miss is miserable. 

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