Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gerber Baby #2 Update

This week has been a morning sickness/cranky teething toddler nightmare. Seriously, I felt/feel like I barely have enough energy to eat, let alone blog.
So for all of you waiting for this baby update, I am sorry, and I will do better once he/she stops making me feel like death ;)
Here's a run-down of this past week...
Tuesday was our initial appointment. I was hoping since we didn't have a clue (aka December was nuts and I lost track of counting 28day increments) as to when this child was conceived or my last p's date that they would do an ultrasound same day. No such luck. Using my records we counted forward until we reached what should have been December's special friend, Dec. 4, and thus arrived at the conclusion of my due date of 9/9/11 (kinda creepy).
We weren't pressured into any testing, which I was kind of dreading since we are well aware of statistics since having Cameran. The appointment was pretty uneventful, other than determining we should go to maternal/fetal medicine for the 20 week ultrasound since their equipment is more sophisticated. Left with date of the first ultrasound which turned out to be the next day.
Ryan was unable to make it to this appointment, but it was no big deal; i think I was in and out in 15 minutes. On Wednesday, little Gerber baby#2 was an inch long and measuring 9 weeks 5 days, thus confirming the due date of September 9, 2011.
(For the ultrasound-challenged, the head is the bottom right and baby is looking up. He/she kinda looks like he/she's wearing a golfer cap at this point.)
Happy almost-Valentine's Day.


  1. yay! hope you feel better soon. i remember those days. blech. i would fall asleep on the floor in rachel's play area because i couldn't keep my eyes open. much better now!

  2. Congratulations! Shim looks beautiful!


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