Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend in review...and a little domesticity

This Fourth of July was pretty subdued. We did not have sparklers, nor did we go to any BBQs, other than my parents' house because, well, Cameran...

We still are in the midst of these ACTHar steroid shots. Previously I posted about Cami being an insomniac. She truly is. And it's the meds and I hate them for doing that to her.  You can see her below in her pretty 4th of July dress, looking drugged up and puffy.  Boy has her face gotten puffy in the past two weeks.

(Just a little note--I'd like to think I am a better photographer than my pictures show, but I am pretty sure that 95% of the pics on this blog come from my iPhone, hence the fuzziness of some.  The timer has such a delay.  Sigh.)

See, there goes the cute smiles that are o' so hard to capture, and the iPhone goes and delays each snapshot.... 

In any case, this was my weekend summer housewife adventure.  I completely stole this idea from my friend over at Tales of a Library Lady who got the idea from another blog.  Fairly simple.  The icing that accompanies the recipe is brutally rich, but very tasty.

 We took these bad boys to my mom and dad's house and had ourselves a cookout before driving back home only to notice Cameran had actually fallen asleep in the backseat.  We decided against fireworks and opted to watch them from the car in the Denny's parking lot before going home.  All in all it was a nice, relaxing family-filled fourth! 

Yesterday was relaxing.  We did a bunch of nothing, and it was great.  The highlight of the day was around 8:00 when Ryan decided to take Cami for a stroller walk to lull her to sleep.  I decided to come along...with both dogs...at the same time.  Greatttttttt idea for two dogs who haven't been on an actual walk in I don't know how long.  I probably lost a pound of sweat.  Top that off with us returning and Ryan deciding to make chicken for dinner.  Sounded good to me.  My husband was cooking, and I could play on the computer watch my baby sleeping peacefully in the stroller.  Then the alarm went off.  Super.  Next my house fills with smoke and I see my husband had not actually used the Foreman, which I assumed he would, but instead had tried to make chicken in the skillet with bread crumbs and a crapton of cooking oil.  Smooth move. No, I did not partake of the chicken.  Ryan and the dogs did.  He said it was good.

Finally, here are a few shots from today while Cameran was waiting for her DT to arrive.  Notice how puffy her cheeks are in the second picture!  They are like doggie jowls you see on mastiffs!

 Cameran had hair in the back...until the shots made her completely neurotic and itchy and who knows what else.  She has rubbed it all off.  She's kinda rockin an impromptu mohawk when you look at it from the front.  I always knew you were a rock star Cami!

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