Thursday, July 1, 2010


A pic from the new Inspiring Hope playground swing. 

We need to find a new fixation for our hands which leads me to....

The newest member of Cameran's entourage (and you thought I was gonna write about the TV show), OT Nikki!

Me thinks me likey.

She is from a different agency than Cameran's PT and DT.  In fact, she comes from the Harrisburg area and the Capital Area IU, which apparently has a decent reputation, which is good if we ever do move school districts and cross county lines.

In any case, she is bubbly, young, fun, on time, and made over Cameran like she was the the cutest kid she had ever seen in her life (well come on now, we know it's true).  She has all sorts of ideas for how to get Cameran to stop stimming with her hands and rubbing her head so she can participate in more active and purposeful play.  You can completely see if you look back through pictures that most involve Cameran's hands clasped together or on her head rubbin away.  (She's going bald on the left side again you know.)

At any rate, we are now well versed in the alphabet entourage.  DT, PT, OT, CM, ENT...

And I can't wait to see her new bonnets from this etsy website!

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  1. Glad yoou like the new OT. Hope her ideas help Cameran. Love you. Mom


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