Friday, July 9, 2010

Fruitfully Fruitless Friday

Today was spent playing and relaxing. I did a twenty minute garage sweep and rearranged all of our stored furniture in the hopes of not having to rush when prospective buyers come to see the items for sale. Cami did take a forbidden excursion to daycare for a ten minute visit. I needed to pick up the almost entirely full can of formula that was about to expire being that it was already opened when Cameran was still in attendance.

Everyone was so genuinely excited to see Cameran, asking how her treatments were going and cooing and making all over her. We left knowing three things for sure:

1. Cameran is tan. Extremely tan.

2. Cameran has grown (mainly in the cheek area, but length was also noted)

3  Everyone misses Cameran.

The day continued with a bunch o' lazy loungin and playing. OT has us working on keeping Cameran's hands from fidgeting/stimming together with a lot of hand-over-hand play. It is difficult to distract her because at this time she is also feverishly rubbing her head almost as much as she rubs her hands together. We will fight the head battle later (actually hoping once we are off of seizure meds it will stop altogether.)

Here is the rest of the day in pictures...

Lazy Loungin with Daddy was fun...

Jasmine and Nala don't let us forget they are our "four-legged children".

Then it was bathtime.  Cameran loves water if it is in the pool, but she hasn't quite mastered that bathtime is fun.  She's still "lukewarm" about her baths.

Finally, the three of us (and Nala) snuggled in bed to watch the brand new Phineas and Ferb. (What fantastic Friday night family entertainment!  What more could you ask for??)

Ryan and I will be taking bets on when Peanut falls asleep.  It's about 9:40 now.  I am going with 10:30 (thinking optimisically baby!)

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