Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a Jungle In Here

Cameran's latest obsession (when she is not rubbing her hands or head) is her obnoxious cute lil jungle toy. 

I'm a great big el-e-phant
Stomping here
Stomping there

I'm a big and tall giraffe
Standing so high
I'm touching the sky

I'm a tiny little penguin
Wobbling here
Wobbling there

I'm a very friendly parrot
Chatting out loud
For all to here

Listen to the music and get on your feet
Move like the animals
Stomp your feet
Waddle like a penguin
Stretch up tall--like a giraffe
Dance like a monkey
And laugh, laugh, laugh.

It's true.  I know them all by heart.  Freakin-A.  Cami gets into beating the crap outta the monkey.  Her right hand "pets" and her left hand "beats", as her Daddy has affectionately nicknamed her hands "Petter" and "Beater". (Ya gotta laugh at the little quirks.)

Hours and hours of these ditties. Over and over and over.

Makes ya want one, doesn't it??

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