Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Baby G # 2 definitely has...

It's 100% undeniable now.  Unfortunately for hubster my one smartass colleague says, and I quote, "It takes a real man to put a stem on it", so sorry Ryan, you are 0 for 2.  It's okay though, you can be the King of the Castle surrounded by your Queen and two royal Princesses.

And as for trying a third time, I am pretty sure Ry's ready to cut his losses, because, as he puts it, his luck isn't that great and he would wind up with three girls ;)

It's all good though, because this ultrasound was awesome.  My anxieties were squelched pretty early on as the technician talked her way through each shot and body part, explaining what she was looking for.  She took no less than three pictures of each vital part to ensure proper measurements, and took a buttload of cardio pictures so that we could avoid a fetal ECHO.  Ryan and I showed pictures of Cameran, and we talked a lot about her pregnancy and finding out about her T21 diagnosis after her birth. 

Baby G was on the go the entire time, which worked out well for most of the shots that were needed.  Apparently her favorite spot is my lower left pelvic region, which could explain a lot of my earlier back pain.  Thanks a lot kid.  In the end, the perinatologist came in and told us that she looks great, and does not have even one of the seven soft markers for BDs.  What a sigh of relief.  Although they could not give us ratio stats, our percentage is now <1% for Ds in Baby G #2.  I am not so far out there as to think something could not still be wrong; obviously Cameran sailed through ultrasounds with flying colors, but for now I can enjoy 20 more weeks of not carrying laundry down stairs flips, kicks, and hiccups.

Here are some highlights from the session:

She mooned us almost immediately...

She even showed off her potential at yoga and pilates...

So here's to Baby GIRL G.  We love you and are glad you are looking healthy.


  1. yay! at least you won't have to buy a ton of new boy stuff! :)

  2. Yay for a little sister for the big sister! I have to say I nannied for three little girls for 12+ years and it's all good! My hubby was hoping we'd have 2+ girls of our own...obviously that's not going to happen! Anyway, congrats on a great appt and a new little princess!

  3. Wonderful News~! Praise The Lord!!! Prayers for a Healthy Baby and Mommy!!!!! and Cami will be so excited to have a Sister<3


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