Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Big 3-0

I can say that I haven't necessarily been dreading this particular birthday, but it would be nice to go out for a celebratory beverage as I enter the second third of my life.  Thanks a lot Baby G#2.

To celebrate, my fabulous coworkers decorated my room and gave me items in quantities of 30 which led up to lunchtime when the 30s theme was all-out craziness and full of inside joke gifts that would make your mama blush.

At home Cameran and I relaxed while waiting for Daddy to get home.  He came home bearing gifts.  A new iPhone 4 (the new white color to be exact) and a cute coffee mug.  Apparently jewelry was in the running, but I must've unknowingly been talking a lot about my phone crapping out lately so the ole iPhone has been retired and alas I have a new phone on which to check Facebook and play Words with Friends ;)

Ryan took Cami to Olive Garden to pick up dinner which gave me about 45 minutes of solitude.  It was nice and relaxing.  All in all, a nice low-key birthday.  Saturday we have a sitter for Cameran and will be going out and about then to continue this newly foreign decade :)

I will end with some pictures.


  1. Happy birthday! I'd choose a new phone over jewelry any day. :-)

  2. happy birthday! 30 isn't bad...32 is. ;)


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