Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good Things A-Comin

Over in the Land 'O Corn (aka Illinois), where the streets have no names (okay, well they are numbered in a grid-like fashion so farmers can find themselves amidst the summer corn crop), we are doing AMAZING things...

I stole the computer just long enough to jot out this quickie post to let everyone know:

A.  I haven't fallen off the face of the planet; the Internet just blows in rural IL.
B.  Christmas was AMAZING (more to come).
C.  I made a blanket.  Yes. It's true.  The no-sew fleece kind that get pinned and sliced and diced and then tied into knots.  It rocks.  Just sayin. 

But mainly...

It does my heart good to see her surrounded by her four cousins who adore her, and treat her like a human doll.  They love her up and squish her and it makes me grateful for these extended visits.

1.  I am telling you, there are two teeth ready to poke through way in the back...2011 watch out!!!
2.  On Sunday night, Grandma and Papa had Cameran sleep in their room.  The next morning it was announced that little miss can PULL TO A STAND in her Pack N Play!  Yay!!!!!!!
3.  She is standing for even longer, and looks so determined as she tries to keep her balance. 
4.  Constant smiles and babbles.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

(Pictures to come...just not worth uploading ;)

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