Sunday, September 12, 2010


The past month has been enough to make even the calmest feel a little cuckoo. 

First, to follow up my last post from what seems forever ago, the verdict is in and we are NOT moving.  At least not yet.  It isn't any fun fixing up a house for other people, so we are going to finish getting it the way WE want it, and go from there.  Besides, there isn't an immediate rush.  Cameran and kindergarten are a long way off. 

Second, since we have been home from Illinois Cameran has been on a puking rampage.  Projectile.  Every. blessed. day.  No lie.  We switched from Zantac to Prevacid, which sounded great at the time, but is even more difficult to get into her being that it is a dissolvable tablet that she spits out even when dissolved in water for her.  Bleh.  In any case, her GI appointment is coming "soon", on November 15th that is.  Until then we are loading her up on PediaSURE to get extra calories.  She is also pretty much refusing lumps and bumps, which is disappointing because when she was on her steroid medication she was a trooper.  I gave her a bite of real sweet potatoes from Texas Roadhouse yesterday.  BAD CHOICE!!!! I don't even know that she tried swallowing, but she did successfully projectile it out (at least it was nice and mild weatherwise and we talked the hostess into letting us sit outside foreseeing the projectile situation as a likely possibility).  I almost think in instances like that it is becoming behavioral.  Who knows.  We shall see.... In November. 

Third, with school starting, I made it a whole eight work days before daycare called asking me to get her because of -what else-vomit.  And to their credit, Cameran is pretty much on a puke-once-for-free pass WITH baths because of her reflux, but understandably even they have their limits.  So, when I took her to the pediatrician that afternoon I walked in calmly, and left freaking out, holding Cameran and a specimin bag to take "immediately" to the hospital to test for pertussis.  Pertussis you say?  Yeah, pertussis.  As is we get vaccinated for it--whooping cough.  Sweet.  As we walked out the entire nursing, doctorial, and secretarial staff had their masks on so Cameran wouldn't infect them.  (BTW, they were NOT wearing them when we walked in).  Thankfully, two days and many vomits later the verdict came back: Pertussis Negative.

Fourth, let's see.  Oh wait.  I don't need anything else.  This has been enough!  My life revolves around eating, working, feeding Cameran, cleaning up Cameran, cleaning up Cameran's puke, repeat.  Somewhere in there is time for sleeping and grading papers for the other 90+ adopted 7th graders in my possession until June 8th.

In conclusion, sue me for being a bad blogger.  I blame this blog's namesake.  And I (despite all this) wouldn't change a thing.



(Mommy, stop talking bad about me, I can't help it!)
PS.  I mildly (okay daily) stalk, as thousands of others do as well Kelle Hampton's blog.  As I was catching up on a few posts I had missed I learned that her youngest daughter's birth story is featured in the October issue of Parents magazine.  I was excited to go home and check the mail to see if my issue had arrived, and when it wasn't there it was a huge bummer.  So....I made a Target run, and $133 and some odd cents later, arrived home with the magazine that I have not yet gotten in the mail but now have anyway!  If you have a second, check out page 186...It is awesome, and in Kelle fashion, made my eyes are teary reading again the story of her daughter's unexpected birth...Enjoy!

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  1. yes, read Kelle's article last night, as I recieved my magazine only yesterday! and thought of you immediately!! and totally can see how you two have so much in commen and the 2 special angels you both have!!!!!! Cameran is so precious!!!!!!


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