Friday, August 20, 2010

When you just know

Sometimes you just know...

Like when I met Ryan.  I just knew.

Like when I went wedding dress shopping.  Tried on tons and tons, but went back to that very first dress.  I just knew.

Like when I call my mom and it doesn't even ring because she is calling me at the same time.  We just know.

Like when I was at the shore two summers ago and had to pee constantly, never thinking I could actually be pregnant given the fertility dude's odds.  I had that feeling.  I just knew.  But I waited a week before doing the stick piddle.  Now I have Cameran.

Like when I posted on Facebook about how wonderfully lovable my youngest dog is and how she needs a home that can give her more attention...I don't want to give away Nala, but the difference between my head and my heart tells me that there is someone out there that can give her way more attention that she currently receives.  And by no means is this dog neglected, she just likes attention 24/7 and will vie for it.  Selfishly I tell myself that I love her and that is enough, but is it really?  And the same day of posting two people I know or are friends of friends inquired.  A sign?  I am telling myself so, and it gives me more peace in knowing that maybe Nala is meant to be with another family.

Like when today Ryan had set up appointments to view several houses in a neighboring town.  Liked the first one, hated the second, couldn't get into the third, but the 4th one....It has "Gerber" written all over it, and so I hastily posted on facebook about wanting to sell our house.  Already there is interest.  A sign?  I hope so.

It's like God is telling us that for all of the challenges and obstacles we have been through with fertility and marriage and Down sydrome we are blessed and that His timing is perfect.  Maybe this will be one of the very few times that things ALL fall into place. 

Only He knows. 

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  1. Yes, He knows the name of each star in the sky, the number of hairs on your head and where you will live next : > !! It was nice to meet you last week. Enjoy your day! Anna


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