Saturday, June 25, 2011

Splish Splash Slurp

Today Cameran and I (with Nanny's help) hosted a Thirty-One Gifts party.  If you have not heard of these products might I suggest heading here and checking them out.

In any case, we had a good time talking, eating, deciding what to buy, and watching a bunch of little girls crawl, walk, and twirl around the room.

Afterwards, my friend H and her little girl M stayed a little while longer to hang out and take a swim in the kiddie pool.  The hopscotch sprinkler (Kohl's) was a big hit with M as well.  Even more impressive was the longevity in which Cameran tolerated the pool.  Usually she is good to go for about five minutes in a kiddie pool and then wants OUT! Not today.  Miss Peanut splished and splashed and interacted with some water toys!!! She stood, stooped, sat, clapped, laughed and not once did she cry.  It was fantastic. 

Here are two little clips of my waterbaby. (Don't mind the lovely adult conversation in the background regarding recent pet deaths and such.  In fact, you can probably live without the sound for at least the first...)

I am fortunate enough to still have three out of four living grandparents of my own, and that lovely arm and half-a side profile was Great Granny's internet debut ;)

In other news, Cameran still gives kisses on demand. If ever you have cotton-mouth Cameran will be there to lend a helping hand, err slobby mouth...

And finally we end the evening with some girly pics of Cameran being a goofball.

Just takin a rest.
Those are ice cream eyes...

Yes, she chases her shadow.

Gotta love the bottom bulldog tooth.

Clapping, a national pasttime.

What?! Bedtime is after this??

Okay, we had fun today. G'night!

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