Friday, June 24, 2011

Peek-a-boo and some Dancy-Dance Time

First of all, we have to have the most UNCOOPERATIVE child in utero E.V.E.R.  Signs to come??? Sigh.

We went back over the river today to get our follow-up from what we thought were last week's not-so-good 3D ultrasound pictures.   Who knew that last week's pictures would turn out WAYY more fabulously than today's pictures.  Baby G#2 did move, and is no longer transverse; unfortunately, she decided that head-down and looking at my spinal column while smooshing into some placental pillow was a way more convenient position.  To the sonographer's credit, she turned a 20-30 minute session into almost an hour trying to get this little bugger to budge.  We got her hand to move and that was about it.  We twisted, turned, contorted, folded in half, took pee breaks, but to no avail.  She felt so terrible that we left with a complimentary baby hat AND baby blanket as well as a compilation of all three visit's pictures AND videos.  And poor Ryan... he learned all about female anatomy today, and also that there is NOWAY this kid is a boy.  That small sliver of hope is gone.  Ain't happenin'.  The dream has died.

In any case, here is a set of last week's pictures in color, followed by today's "best shots"...Lots of shadowing.  If there is one noticeable feature it would be that this kid's rockin' some massive chunk-o-cheeks.

Massive cheeks. Oh, and a squished nose. (Apparently it's all smooshed in the placenta.)


In other news, Cameran's personality is quite comical as of late.  She gives kisses on demand, waves at approprate times, and is quite the little ballerina.  Girl's got rhythm.  Usually when I try to take pictures or shoot video she shies away, but tonight we was pretty darn funny...

Cameran saying hi to baby beating the crap outta Mommy.

Cameran dancing, patting, and kissing.

Cameran patting beating, kissing, slobbing, dancing and jabbering.

Three randoms of Daddy singing, making funny faces, and receiving slobbery kisses from Cameran.

Disclaimer: Cameran's horrid outfit combination is a result of her being way too interested in her new Jessie pjs and me being too lazy to remove her pants.

Thank you to those of you who have "come out of hiding" (see previous post)...Still looking for lurkers to come forward and say hello.  Feel free to "Follow" our journey, which is also how I find a lot of the blogs I follow as well ;)

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