Monday, June 20, 2011

Anniversary, Father's Day, and a little in Between

Time flies...I have neglected poor bloggy long enough and have much to catch up on since hubby's graduation and the end of the school year.  While the end of school is always a happy time, it was a bit bittersweet this year as my team watched two of our finest retire and one switch positions.  Next school year will bring many changes, in the grand scheme of things, the least of which is staffing changes, since I will be at work (hopefully) barely long enough to learn a few names before popping out Gerber Baby #2.  More on her later...
Did I mention how wonderful my DH is?  Cameran is so happy when she is playing with her Daddy.  He is so hands-on and interactive.  I couldn't have picked a better guy to marry.  Which leads me to...

Our 7th anniversary. 

It was pretty low-key this year.  The stress of the end of the school year, coupled with DH's post-graduate certification issues and my pregnancy woes did not make for anything earth-shattering to write about, but this family breakfast was certainly picture-worthy.

Cameran adores her Daddy. 
Here's to June 12th being a fabulous anniversary date, and looking forward to many more years together....

In other news, being to impulsive person I am, I decided that we needed to "see" the baby again.  Over the river and down the highway we went back to Womb With a View for an upgrade of our original gender package.  We walked away with these three photos...

I am pretty sure little Miss Stubborn is smirking here.  She was very smiley in utero and offered us a glimpse at the inside of her eyelids, none of which was captured via still photos, although we do have the CD-ROM...
Did I mention only three photos?  Apparently Mommy's severe back-stabbing, ribcage-ripping heartburn and round ligament woes are thanks to Gerber Baby #2's desire to contort herself not only in the transverse position, but also folded like a freaking pretzel.  I kid you not, toes are next to ears.  Thankfully as I type this I can only assumed she has snuggled up elsewhere, and we head back across the river again this Friday for round 2.  Hopefully this time she cooperates and does not choose any of the aforementioned positions to get comfy in.  (Baby G #2--if you are hearing these keystrokes--using the placenta as a pillow to shield your cute little face is also not advisable.  We would like nice, clear images IN COLOR this time around.  Thanks.  Love, Mommy)

The next day it was off to a first birthday party for a dear friend's LO who turns 1 this month.  Turns out this was quite the great-outdoor adventure.  Cameran survived sans-nap, in grass, AND without freaking out when she was placed in a treeswing.  Not only that but apparently she is a fan of Bouncy-Houses when they are not inhabited by rowdy boys ;)

Father's Day.  What can I say.  Pappy is the best fahja in the world, Grizzly Adams look and all.
He is quite smitten with Miss Cameran, although she usually lunges for Nanny within minutes of being held.  (He can be quite scary looking, especially during flannel-wearing, beard-growing huntin' season;)
The night before official Father's Day we learned of Cameran's formerly hidden talent: Baby Whispering.  When we dropped food off for some friends whose adorable baby boy is seen below, we wanted to see how Cameran would react to a newborn.  Would she even care? Not so much.  Would she be gentle? Yes.  Would she tolerate crying?  With saucer-sized eyeballs, yes.  And then it happened...Baby N began cries of hunger, and Cameran became interested.  Over she would go, Baby N would stare, and.....stop crying.  Each. Time.  I kid-you-not. 

Cameran, when you are older and read this--know that one of your choices is a degree in early-childhood.  Cameran Leah, Resident Baby Whisperer.

Last, but not least, Happy Father's Day to the main man in my life.  You are a wonderful husband, an amazing father, and a hilarious friend.   I can't wait to see what kind of crazy nicknames and songs you make up for Baby G #2.

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