Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rough Start

To say the least March has been on the rough side so far. We are just now recouping and recovering. Cameran and Mom have been home from the hospital for a week or so now. Catching up on sleep and housework is the biggest challenge at this point.

The montage covers Peanut from before her trip to the ER/bronchiolitis/RSV diagnosis to coming home and recovering. Phew. I hope not to return to the hospital prior to delivering this baby unless it is for my mother's kidney transplant!

**Update to clarify** I have been a terrible blogger between catching up at home and at work grading papers, etc, blogging has gone by the wayside.  After they did a chest x-ray of Cameran prior to being admitted to the ER, it showed bronchiolitis, we were given antibiotics, a nebulizer treatment and sent home.  The next day she was worse coupled with a high fever...They didn't bother testing for RSV,just quarantined her and assumed that is what it was and then began treating for pneumonia.  At the same time we were admitted, my mom was taken to the ER for what felt like kidney pain, and wound up needing to begin dialysis. **

Speaking of transplants...Mom found out on Friday, the day which was to be her transplant prior to being hospitalized for kidney pain, that her new transplant date is Tuesday, March 29th.  Talk about the circle of life/destiny/God being in control...For us, this date is way more memorable then Friday, March 11th, because on 3/29/04 my grandfather passed away due to complications from kidney failure and being on dialysis for 7+ years.  Even though my mom is bummed about having to start dialysis (at the hospital they discovered her creatinine levels had gone up significantly), now she has an end in sight which makes it all worthwhile.  She's a fighter and has waited all too long for that special person to come along and make the selfless sacrifice of giving up a kidney so my mom can be healthy, and to BA we are eternally grateful.

March: In like a lion, out like a lamb...


  1. did i miss something? did she have RSV or something??

  2. Poor Peanut! :( So glad she's feeling better. Sending prayers to your family!

  3. Oh wow, sounds like we had the same week, all three of mine had RSV too, I hope you are hanging in there okay and that things go well for your mom.


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