Monday, March 21, 2011

Cameran Is Two!!

Happy Birthday/Down Syndrome Awareness Day Cameran Leah!

Turning two is a big deal.  You were smiley and cheery all day.  You ate cupcakes at daycare with your friends and teachers, and then you came home and played on the slide.  You opened lots of presents and you ate another cupcake AND a cookie cake slice with Mommy, Daddy, Pappy, and Nanny by your side.  Aunt Melody also stopped by to give you a birthday squeeze and a present.  You wanted NOTHING to do with opening presents.  You even crawled away.  Does this mean Mommy doesn't have to wrap them next time??  After proudly using your hands to dig into your cupcake, you used the icing as hair gel.  Your birthday ended with bathtime, and now you are passed out on the sofa with Daddy. 

It really is special how God gave us you on 3/21/09.  We had no idea their was a World-Anything Day, let alone World Down Syndrome Awareness Day until you were born.  Because of you we are blessed to advocate for other people with intellectual disabilities.  Because of you I am more tolerant of others.  Because of you I take more time with my students who have learning disabilities.  Because of you I am educating others to stop using the word "retard(ed)" to mean something silly, annoying, or mindless.  Without you, I don't know that these things would have occured.  Because of you I am a better person.

I love you Nutter B.


  1. What a perfect birthday! And the perfect date!! Happy birthday (belated) beautiful little girl!


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