Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sweet, sweet summertime

I love everything about summer.  And not in the "I teach just to have time off 2 1/2 months a year" kinda way.  (Although it is a undeniable perk of the job.) 

To show my deepest appreciation to this blessed season here is my...

"Ways That Summer Rocks ..." List

Sleeping in (kinda-thanks Cameran). 
Staying up late(r).
Corn on the cob
Steamed crabs
Ice cream truck
Snowballs from Mason Dixon Farmers Market
Fireflies at night
Swimming with Cami in the kiddie pool
Sitting on the deck
Refreshing margaritas on the deck of a restaurant
The beach
Swimming in the ocean
Beach towels
Suntan lotion smell
Ice pops
Summer re-runs
Summer Blockbusters
Reading on the deck
Morning coffee that I can make at my house and not rush to drink
Homemade Iced Tea
Going to Illinois
Taking walks
Going to the park
The library
Not thinking about work
No agenda
Ball games
Cooking out
Cooking out with friends
Cooking out at my parents' house
Veggies on the grill
Taking pictures
Window shopping
Real shopping
Being with Cameran
Being with Ryan
Watching the dogs play in the hose
Watching Cameran play outside
More daylight
Nature's sounds
Frozen mochas (who am I kidding--this is a year-round thing)
Thunderstorms in the distance
Rainbows after a storm
Scent of fresh rain
Lake Michigan
Navy Pier
Cellular Field (White Sox)
Wrigley Field
Field Museum
Michigan Avenue
Tiger lilies
Gerbera daisies
In-law's pool
Natural tans achieved from being outside and not from trying to tan
Fall television show teasers
Watching corn grow
Chincoteague Island, Va
(This year only) Cameran finishing her seizure meds
Watching the dogs chase the bunnies that make their nest under our deck and not being able to get them
Tom's Cove Campground
Mister Whippy's Ice Cream
Finding the perfect groove in the sand to lie on
Getting as close to the water as possible and discovering the tide is coming in and needing to move back
Finding conch shells in the ocean with my toes with Mom
Pods of dolphins swimming near the sandbar
Not wearing makeup
Wearing bum clothes all day long
Wild ponies of Assateague
Petting the Chincoteague ponies in the corral at McDonald's
Flip flops
Sherry's Ice Cream
Sunbleached hair
Drives just because
Yard Sales
Discovering awesome new "driving songs" to belt out with no one else in the car
New playground equipment at Cousler Park

Doing as many of the above as possible or none of the above on any given day

The list goes on I am sure.  This will have to do for now.  Happy summer!

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