Saturday, June 26, 2010

BJs (The Wholesale Club People...sheesh)

We started off the day with a little Phineas and Ferb lovin...

Then we went to a nice wedding reception/picnic of a colleague of mine, followed by a trip to see the new all-inclusive playground at Cousler Park.  That park is rockin!  Our local Down Syndrome group donated a portion of the funds and has a picket engraved with our group's name.  
Cameran actually enjoys swinging despite the not so smiley faces.

However, the highlight of the day was a fun-tastic trip to BJ's Wholesale Club where Peanut had another first....
(Seriously though, who the heck names a wholesale club or any store for that matter "BJs"??? Obviously it was their clever marketing strategy to place the store by the highway and plaster BJs in bright red letters on the side of the building to capture the attention of the innocently curious along with the residential pervert.  Once you get inside and they have you suckered, they calm it down a bit and go with the tamer "Berkley and Jensen".  Hence the BJs.)

In any case, Cameran had her first official cart ride sans-stroller or carrier seat!!!

Practicing her Miss America wave and debating what the better deal was.

Once she finished praying she got a good deal it was time to lean back and relax...

While we were there an older lady accompanying her adult daughter with Ds approached us and asked how Cameran was doing.  This was the first time that another mother (whom I did not know) approached our family directly and inquired about Cameran while insinuating she knew that Cameran has Ds. I knew it would happen, and I know I am unfairly biased, but I don't think that Cami is quite as "obvious" in her physical characteristics as some children with Ds are.  In any case, we had a nice conversation and it ended with her 26 year old daughter Amy giving Cameran an air kiss and big smile. 

No sooner were we in the frozen food section did we see another person with Ds, this time a little girl no older than 7 or 8 pushing a toy shopping cart alongside her mama.  I so badly wanted to be the one to approach and initiate chit chat, but being the wuss I am, did not.  In the end, all three of our families turned up in three parallel check out lines.  It was quite the sight to some fly on a wall I am sure, but it made me smile knowing that we all like BJs (sorry I couldn't resist) Wholesale Club.

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