Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Magic

Today is my second Mother's Day.  It seems hard to believe that my little Peanut is almost 14 months old.  Times does truly fly. 

I woke up this morning, gave Cameran her medicine and breakfast food, since for some reason it is a "Mommy thing" and ever since Cameran massively hurled all over Ryan while I was away at the movies Daddy has changed his duty to bottles only. 

Then I went back to sleep.  At first I couldn't fall asleep.  I could hear Cameran's coos and goos along with the gibberish Daddy-talk that Ryan does when he thinks I am not listening.  Soon, I fell asleep. And it was splendid until waking up realizing it was already 9:30 and we leave for church at 10:15! 

As I opened the bedroom door I almost stumbled over my gift bag.  I joined Ryan and Cami downstairs and opened the bag to find a beautiful glass necklace and a Willow Tree angel. 

Then we were off!  --To get ready anyway.

Fast forward to after church. 

Target was my only request for the day.  I wanted to relax.  So we shopped, came home, and then something magical happened.  Something far better that glass necklaces and Willow Tree angels.

Cameran sat up....AND STAYED UP!  Had I known she wasn't going to immediately topple over as usual I would've timed her, but I swear it was 15-20 minutes if not longer. 

It. Was. Amazing. 

Not only did she sit up, but she used her hands to balance AND she played with the toys that were placed in front of her all while jabbering away with a puddle of drool sliming her face.  She is turning out to be quite the multi-tasker!

It has taken having Cameran to appreciate the little things in life.  And even though this is a small thing, it is a HUGE deal when you have a child with special needs.  I once read somewhere that we celebrate not milestones, but inchstones.  How true that is...

Someday, with a lot of prayer, love, and patience, the inches will become feet, the feet will become yards, and soon we will be running the mile. 

I am a going to do my best to celebrate each inch along the way.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Great job Cami! Best gift EVAH!

  2. What a beautiful gift for Mother's Day!

  3. awww jen your blog almost made me cry, how wonderful and what a perfect gift to you :)

  4. Awesome Cami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a Great Mother's Day!! What a special day!

    Hope Gracey


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