Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ah, the joys of motherhood...

Determinded to be productive during this 3-day weekend, I woke up, took the baby with me downstairs, fed her, and then left her with a pile 'o toys while I began cleaning the kitchen.

Fast forward to 12:30.  Still not showered, and wanting to hit up the park with Ryan and Cameran, we trekked upstairs to take baths.  I thought it would be a wonderful idea to get Cami interested in her bath toys if I hopped in with her before taking my own shower.  All was well until the end (and might I preface by adding that overall this was her longest and otherwise most successful bath) when she began wailing.  I called Ryan to come and take her, which he did.  As I drained the tub I began reminiscing of my own days playing in the bathtub.  I would pretend I was Cinderella, and would wash the walls with my rags washcloth.  I am thinking that my mother encouraged this because it helped her clean the tub and not because she was proud of my imagination.  In any case, I was scooping up Cameran's bathtoys--cute little crocodiles and fish and sea horses and poop.  What?!?  What was that?  Did I just write the word poop?? Yes.  Yes I did.  Unbeknownst to me my darling little one decided to drop her kids off at the public pool.  Too bad I was in it.

Thanks Cameran.  You're the best.

:) Happy Memorial Weekend.

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