Monday, March 15, 2010

Picture trauma

Pictures of pictures.  Super.  Might I add that she smiled for two pictures.  Two.  That is all.  What in the he#& was I thinking getting her picture taken two days after Springing Forward and with only an afternoon nap and a fraction of an evening nap?!?! Clearly I wasn't.

Somehow the Picture People always salvage a few decent (and I use the term decent verrryyy loosely) shots.  So here are the 4 poses we chose, half-satisfied for a "deal" of $80.  (We are lucky to have left without the preframed ones they come out of the back carrying.  The spring frames are not that cute.) 

Let me tell you.  That was the longest. photo. shoot. ever.  When I called, I forwarned the lady on the phone that Cameran has "special needs" and would need some alternative propping despite these being "1 year" shots. 

Let me just say that despite the not smiling very much and being nap-deprived, Cameran was a rock star when it came to practicing sitting up!  That baby worked herself into even more of a sleep.  First we tried leaning on a huge baby block with the number 1 on it.  Not so good.  Then we went for the cake pic.  Eh...  It went from there and since I think the photographer was a wee scared to say anything, we wound up suggesting different posings.  God Bless boppy pillow. 

One day closer to Cameran's birthday luau and one more item crossed off the to-do list.  Phew.  It feels good.

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  1. Hey, I commented earlier, where did it go? Anyway, those pics are really cute! :)


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