Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting close

We are tick-tocking closer and closer to Cameran's first birthday (party)!  Oh how a year flies by.  I'm not gonna lie-I could easily get carried away being all sentimental and reflective about the past year and its trials and tribulation, but mostly the pure joy of motherhood and my little Peanut--but I am not.  Maybe another entry.  Maybe I will go wild and crazy on Cami's actual birthday, March 21, which is also coincidentally amazingly World Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  What an awesome way to celebrate a little T21 awareness! 

So anyway...

Basically, I am writing this entry to A. fill up time since Daylight Savings Time has us out of whack, and B. to procrastinate what I should be doing, which is preparing the rest of my lesson plans, but mainly C. to celebrate how much I love planning for and shopping for Cameran's birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!

It has kicked so much monetary butt, but so worth it.  And, if I play my procrastinating cards right, I may still have time to create a digital memory book for Cameran so she can look back at her first birthday party and see how wild and crazy her mama went!  Did I make the Hawaiian beaded bracelets and necklaces I was supposed to make? No.  Did I order her cake? No.  But...with Ryan's help (he is not innocent for those who know him) we spent well over a few (did I write that) hundred dollars to make this first birthday a freaking blast!  Hallmark?  Check.  Bon-Ton? Check.  Toys R Us? Check.  AND...when I got home I ordered most of the not so necessary trinkets and decorations from Oriental Trading Post magazine to make this the best luau in March ever! 

Here's the remaining to do list in no particular order:

Order cake
Order fruit tray
Get balloons
Get Cameran's pictures taken (not necessary but hey)
Finish Shutterfly memory book
Find pictures to go in the 12 month frame to display at party
Go to Party City and get plates, napkins, and tableclothes
Download Hawaiian I-tunes for I-pod party playlist (Suggestions?  Thinking Lilo and Stitch)
Get drinks and snacks
Decorate location (Friday)
Pray stuff ordered today comes by the 18th as guaranteed. (They can't lie--it's a guarantee, right?)
Make those damn darn bracelets/necklaces.

Phew.  Now if only we didn't have EI on Monday, PT on Tuesday, Ryan's class/BLAST on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I'd be great.  I see a whole lotta Thursday and Friday cramming in my future.

Sweet dreams.  I am off to highlight packets for 7th graders. Yawn.


  1. AAHHHHHH...Somewhere over the rainbow by that Israel guy!!!!! I cannot wait!

  2. Nice Blog! See ya guys on Saturday!


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