Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nanny Cam??

I have no nanny.  I probably never will.  Nor do I want one.  Housekeeper, yes.  Who wouldn't want someone else come in and clean up their messes so that they could go breezily through the day enjoying the things that matter most? 

I want a nanny cam despite all this.  Why?  I want the irrefutable evidence that Cameran does smile.  She does.  I swear.  A lot more than when she was younger.  I will admit it took her until August to master the smiling in response to someone milestone, and even then it was sparse.  But now--now she smile frequently.  Sometimes they are small, goofy, lopsided smirks, and other times they are huge, light up the room, open-mouthed smiles.  Where is the proof?  Not on any of the following pictures that are a montage of her first 11 months.  Okay, I lied.  There are two-maybe three-smiley pictures...
 Jasmine loves to babysit.
First "on purpose" smile to Grandma Gerber.
                                 Zonked after the Buddy Walk.
Don't all kids have two Halloween costumes???
Christmas morning at Pappy and Nanny's house.
Cameran's favorite cousin, Scarlett.

SOMEDAY I will have proof to share.  With or without the help of nannycam.

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