Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They Just Keep Comin'

It has really truly been occuring to me lately that Cameran is already far more capable than I see in the (unfortunate) few hours that we spend together from Monday to Friday.  For this I am both saddened and elated.  Saddened because I am not there to witness her small, but noticable achievements, but all the more elated that they are happening with or without Ryan and I present.

A few examples to serve my point:

On Monday, as I was dropping Cameran off at daycare, one of the two little twin boys who adore Cami saw her, and as usual cheerfully announced, "Hi Cammin!"

Cameran looked at him.  Cameran then proceeded to walk over to him.  Now don't get me wrong, Cameran has been walking, albeit shakily, for some time now, but apparently she is getting to be one brave girl at daycare.  Little twin lover's response was, "Look everyone, Cammin's walkin'!"  He was so excited for her, and my heart swelled.  And dammit, that's when I had to leave.  Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

One recent afternoon, Cameran's teacher told me all about Cameran's new nickname...."Shadow".  Cameran loves her some Ms. Julie--apparently so much so that she follows her around the room and actually shows annoyance when Ms. Julie is not paying enough attention to her. 
There have also been reports of Cameran participating in "parallel play".  While I know this is not totally wonderful, the fact that it is a step in the right direction is major!  We may never know how much time we "lost"- developmentally speaking -from her seizures, so this is an awesome step forward.  Before Cameran was content to observe.  Now at least she watches and tries to participate or at least go to the group of children and whatever it is they are doing.
This mama hasn't been brave enough to get Cameran anywhere near steps.  On her own, she has shown no interest in climbing them.  PT has worked with her on occasion, and has said she has done well going up.  I decided to put this to the test...Last night before bedtime I decided to suck it up and see what Cameran's climbing skills looked like.  Girlfriend's got game.  Other than prompting her for the first few, she went to the top--14 stairs--all by herself!  Yikes.  Break out the gate!
All in all this has been a great few months.  If we can get through the rest of the tooth explosion and jump on the self-feeding bandwagon prior to Baby G #2's arrival, then I will be in total bliss!

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  1. Sometimes I test Samantha to see what she can actually do - they often work on things at school that I have no idea about, and am always shocked that she can do them! This is a great post, a great reminder to not assume *can't.* I love watching school interactions, too.


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