Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playing Catch-Up in Pictures (Easter and Mother's Day)

I realize I never posted anything about our Easter. 
Ryan went out of town for his grandma's surprise 80th birthday party in Wisconsin.  I decided to stay home with Cameran and go to my folk's house as usual, especially since madre is still immuno-suppressed and basically housebound.

Saturday we dyed a few eggs at Nanny's house.  Sunday morning we went to church for a big breakfast, and then headed back to my parents' house before going to the airport to pick up Daddy.

This past weekend was nice and relaxing.  We took a little ride on Saturday to pick up Ryan's cap and gown. (Yay Master's Degree!) Sunday we relaxed, went to church, stopped by my parents' house briefly, and went home to enjoy the fantastic weather.  Ryan treated me to steamed crabs and steak kabobs on the grill--oh, and corn on the cob--one of my favorite combos!  Ryan begrudgingly played photographer to a cranky, teething toddler and his hormonally challenged wife.  Here are some of the results...

All in all, with my birthday sandwiched in between Easter and Mother's Day, the past three weekends have been a blast!

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