Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now...

Last night we (Nanny, Great Granny, Cameran and I) headed off to Mechanicsburg to pick out new frames for Cameran. 

An hour and $198 later I decided upon these:

Not quite sure...

Poor Daddy was at his grad class all night, so I had to text pictures of about 5 different pairs to him.  It was quite entertaining deciding which frames to choose via text messaging.  In the end, I listened to Ryan and bought a neutral pair decided to pick out a funky, bright blue color.  At one point Ryan agreed that he liked them, so hey, it counts, right?  I am hoping they come in this week, but have a feeling they won't be in until next week.  I am so excited to see them fit properly!  Who knows, maybe Cami will be an all-star Einstein and keep the glasses on instead of ripping them off her face like at the optician last night...  She did so well with her first pair, so I do have high hopes, but we will just have to see (pun intended).

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  1. How cute is she in those frames! I'm glad you went with the bright fun ones! My little girl had to get glasses at 20 months & she hated them at first. She's almost 5 now, and she puts them on first thing every day. She's very protective of them thankfully! Her brother would love to rip them off her face & break them - we've been through probably 15 frames since we first got the glasses. If you need tools to help them stay on or what not - an awesome resource is There are all kinds of tips & tricks & things you can buy to help them not slide on their face or fall off - I used it all the time when Aubrie was little :)


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