Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sleep and Teeth

Or lack thereof.
Cameran has morphed into super-nonsleeper extraordinairre to ring in the new year. 
It started with teething.  Serious teething around Christmastime. 
Cameran began constantly gnawing on her fingers, alternating sides of her mouth.  All of the chewing has been sllllllllllllloooooooooooooowly paying off because her first tooth is emerging-not through by any stretch of the imagination-in time for her to turn 22 months old.  And for the record, I totally called MONTHS ago that her first tooth would be a molar, and it is looking that way.  Top left baby. Maybe a bicuspid, but I am guessing molar all the way.  Of course, if P would stop clamping her mouth closed tighter than Fort Knox it would make it a teeny tiny bit easier to tell.  Just sayin.
However, we have been cursed -I mean blessed-with a content, happy, baby with no sleep issues for the first 21 months.  Which is what makes the past two weeks so. freaking. hard.
Yeah, yeah, all babies go through these phases; I know, I know. 
So Cameran, finish gnawing on your fingers so you can pop the remaining 20 some teeth through and we can all go back to long stretches of sleep and avoid waking 5 times a night. 
Love, Mommy

PS. Thank you Nanny and Pappy for taking the sleep resistant peanut for the night.  Daddy and Mommy have already nodded off watching Netflix mid-afternoon, and are on target to pass out before ten.  Feel free to keep her for a while.  Or at nights.  Or never again after the night you are about to have...Bwuuaa haa haa haa.

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  1. Oh I feel your pain! I think that is Kellan's problem too. He is getting the top front 2, and is sooo fussy! At night he half wakes up and cries about every 1/2 hour, so I am constantly helf asleep, patting and shhhushing, and then waiting for the next episode! And he, too, has ALWAYS been a great sleeper, so this is tough!! Hang in there, and I will try to, too!


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